Buying custom golf clubs Direct from the Manufacturer

If you want to maximise your drives and improve your game of golf then you really need to think about getting a set from  Flex Golf. It cannot be underestimated the effect a tailor made golf club has on your play. Each person has a different swing, based on their height, arm length and other personal attributes.

Mobile phone insurance

If you’ve ever had a mobile phone lost or stolen you know the frustrations it causes. A lot of people find that their phone is simply not covered on their home insurance. The policy excess and loss of no claims bonus will usually far outweight the cost of replacing a phone.

Cheapest Online DVD and Blu Ray rentals services

If money is a bit tight but you would still like to watch all of the latest DVD’s without waiting for them to hit the reduced bargain bins then DVD and Blu Ray rentals is the service for you. Often when we are asked to write a sponsored review we need to write complimentary things […]

Travel insurance for the Over 65’s

Delta Insurance have recently had a revamp on their website. They aim to provide good quality cover for people over the age of 65. As a broker they have a wide range of policies on offer and can cover activity holidays and even accommodate medical problems and medical conditions, sometimes at normal terms. Shop Review

Massive range of cheap region 2 DVDs movies and an excellent service is provided. Delivery is fast and packing ensures that the product arrives undamaged. The Amazon site analyses your selections and uses this to provide personal recommendations on your next visit. Amazon are expanding and sell almost everything you could want so is useful […]