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If money is a bit tight but you would still like to watch all of the latest DVD’s without waiting for them to hit the reduced bargain bins then DVD and Blu Ray rentals is the service for you. Often when we are asked to write a sponsored review we need to write complimentary things but in the case of this review we can wholeheartedly recommend this great service.

There are many offerings around and they all work in a very similar way. You pay a simple monthly subscription which allows you to rent a set number of films per month. You then maintain a wish list of films and movies you wish to see and when they become available they are shipped out to you.

The key indicators to look out for when choosing your package are the amount of discs you can borrow at once and the number per month. It is also a big plus if you can roll over unused rentals to the following month. Some of the budget rental offerings use 2nd class post which effectively cut your number of number by up to 25% with your second rental arriving at least 5 days after your first assuming you watch and return it immediately the next day.

If you haven’t tried out the online DVD and Blu Ray Rental services we are glad to report that many offer a free trial period ranging from 14 – 30 days. (Many companies run multiple sites and the free trial can only be used for one of them so if you were thinking of just using the free trials you will soon get caught out!)

We have been looking around at the many options available and would recommend Cinema Paradiso. They offer first class postage in both directions, have a very wide selection and also have many rare or unusual offerings of world cinema titles and foreign language titles. We also like the way their site works and like the honest ratings of movies from other members of the club.

So click DVD rentals and Blu Ray Rentalsto start your free trial today. A free trial is a great way to see how good the service is. The important factor is the ratio of discs to members to avoid long waits. We found Cinema Paradiso to offer a great service and certainly worth signing up for.

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