Upgrading Z906 speakers

My old Z5500 speakers were starting to play up and I’ve loved them and had them for around 15 years now. I published this page to keep my research as there was lots of bad info out there and I’m sure others are looking at similar issues to me. The common issue with the Z5500 […]

How to speed up an old computer

One of the most frustrating things we encounter in our daily work are slow computers. People have owned the computer for years and haven’t taken a shred of care over routine maintenance or upgrades. Some laptops have taken ages to boot up and most of this is down to the sheer amount of stuff it’s […]

Fencing specialists in Deal, Kent

The English past time of gardening seems to continue despite the growing technological pull and our busy lives. For many the garden is a haven of peace and tranquility and a place to go to escape the everyday worries and cares or life. Hard landscaping, ponds and out buildings are growing in popularity as people […]

Best options now Santander rate drops for savers

People were getting 3% from Santander, this will be dropping to 1.5% in November and leaves many savers with half of the interest. We expect many people will be looking to move their money from Santander as they look for the best savings rate options. Most other savings rates are nearer 1% and the few […]

Structural repairs and building repairs

One of the biggest costs in property ownership is costly building repairs. Time usually takes it toll on properties, as ground moves and cracks, weather gets into walls and expands when it freezes. There are also issues with the way older properties are constructed. Common structural issues include expanding steel causing bricks to lift or […]

Make the perfect Revolute coffee

If you like your coffee then you’ve noticed that there are many new varieties on offer at popular cafes. There is no reason why you can’t make these at home if you know how. This follows on from our Espresso shot article due to the amount of interest we have had. Australia brought us the […]

Petrol and diesel remapping in Kent

What exactly is vehicle remapping? Why are so many people talking about it and what are the advantages and disadvantages of remapping a car? Every car engine on modern vehicles is governed by a computer which controls timing, fuelling and even air flow into the engine, particularly on turbo models. This control is referred to […]

Energy saving tips for the home

We have asked some of our clients for their energy saving tips and wish to thank  EddieMathews plumbing in Kent for their suggestions and tips. They are able to supply and or supply and fit respectively these energy saving measures for your home.

Torque Cars online magazine

With the decline of the printed magazine for cars, and many other companies and media outlets going online or digital only we see another credible car magazine with an online only presence. The benefit of Torque cars online magazine is the sheer scope of tuning and modification advice it offers, provide quite simple to read […]

Hythe food and drink Festival

The awesome Food and drink festival is back at Hythe on the 8 to 10th July. Hythe food and drink festival 2016¬†for details of this event. Expect lots of local producers to be there along with many other national specialist food and drink suppliers in what promises to be a great day out for all […]