Make the perfect Revolute coffee

If you like your coffee then you’ve noticed that there are many new varieties on offer at popular cafes. There is no reason why you can’t make these at home if you know how. This follows on from our Espresso shot article due to the amount of interest we have had. Australia brought us the […]

Petrol and diesel remapping in Kent

What exactly is vehicle remapping? Why are so many people talking about it and what are the advantages and disadvantages of remapping a car? Every car engine on modern vehicles is governed by a computer which controls timing, fuelling and even air flow into the engine, particularly on turbo models. This control is referred to […]

Energy saving tips for the home

We have asked some of our clients for their energy saving tips and wish to thank GWsupplies and EddieMathews plumbing in Kent for their suggestions and tips. They are able to supply and or supply and fit respectively these energy saving measures for your home.

Torque Cars online magazine

With the decline of the printed magazine for cars, and many other companies and media outlets going online or digital only we see another credible car magazine with an online only presence. The benefit of Torque cars online magazine is the sheer scope of tuning and modification advice it offers, provide quite simple to read […]

Hythe food and drink Festival

The awesome Food and drink festival is back at Hythe on the 8 to 10th July. Hythe food and drink festival 2016 for details of this event. Expect lots of local producers to be there along with many other national specialist food and drink suppliers in what promises to be a great day out for all […]

Eurostar Bruges Breaks

Guide to Eurostar Breaks in Bruges What to do and see in the City of Bruges Bruges is located in Western Flanders, on the North coast of Belgium and should be on everyones shortlist as a place to visit in Europe.We will now look at what this amazing city has to offer. Travel to Brussels […]

Ghent Guide

Ghent is the fourth largest city of Belgium and though perhaps less frequented than Bruges, it is considered by many that Ghent is the real diamond of Flanders and Belgium. In a unique way, Ghent has managed to preserve its medieval heart while keeping up with modern times. The city centre is a showcase of medieval […]

Honfleur Guide

The city of Honfleur is between the tidal estuary of the Seine and the “Pays d’Auge” and welcomes visitors at any time of the year. Many will find a visit to the Park of “Le Jardin Retrouve” which is situated between the sea wall and the Boulevard Charles V most enjoyable. Here you will find […]

Lille Guide

A walk through Lille will make you question whether you are still in France, for there is a distinctly Flemish feel at play here. Lille’s Flemish influence is most clearly seen in the ornate Bourse or stock exchange with its 24 buildings and book market which is held in the courtyard on Tuesday-Saturday and Sunday […]

Ostend Guide

Ostend has always been called ‘The Queen’ of the Belgian seaside resorts, and you’ll find many and varied enjoyable attractions worth exploring. Within the Yacht Harbor there is the Mercator Ship, a floating museum, decked out as if it were ready to sail and open for visiting all year round. Outside Ostend, along the beach between Ostend and Middelkerke […]