Mint tends to spread like wild fire so it needs containing. This can be done by planting in a deep bottomless pot in the border or by growing in a pot.

Unlike many other herbs, mint prefers moist, fertile soil. Beware of ready planted herb pots that mix mint with other herbs. The mint will either over run the pot or die off because it doesn’t like the dryer conditions that the other herbs favour.

If growing in a pot you’ll need to repot it fairly frequently to keep it at its best. If the plant is looking straggly it’s time to divide it and repot it in fresh compost.

Mint Pest & Diseases

If your mint plant has distorted growth and rusty brown patches then it is likely suffering from a fungal disease known as rust. The latest research suggests that fungal spores can lurk in the soil and reinfect plants. As a result, it’s probably best to completely remove the affected plant and replace with a new plant. Thankfully mint is cheap and easily available. Replant in fresh compost if it’s in a pot or in a different location to avoid reinfection.