Upgrading Z906 speakers

My old Z5500 speakers were starting to play up and I’ve loved them and had them for around 15 years now. I published this page to keep my research as there was lots of bad info out there and I’m sure others are looking at similar issues to me. The common issue with the Z5500 […]

How to speed up an old computer

One of the most frustrating things we encounter in our daily work are slow computers. People have owned the computer for years and haven’t taken a shred of care over routine maintenance or upgrades. Some laptops have taken ages to boot up and most of this is down to the sheer amount of stuff it’s […]

Delete inprivate mode in Edge browser

Whatever your motivations it is possible to remove inprivate browsing from the new Edge browser in Windows 10. Employers may want to stop time wasting, parents may be looking to protect children and see who they’ve been spending time with online. Inprivate mode opens up a whole host of potential issues and some may prefer […]

LED vs LCD Television screens.

The latest development in TV screens and monitors are LED televisions. First off lets just consider what LCD screens and how they work. A matrix of coloured lenses are backlit. Each of these little lenses or windows shows red green or blue and the lenses are made up from liquid crystal that acts as a […]

Mobile phone insurance

If you’ve ever had a mobile phone lost or stolen you know the frustrations it causes. A lot of people find that their phone is simply not covered on their home insurance. The policy excess and loss of no claims bonus will usually far outweight the cost of replacing a phone.

New tracking code from Google analytics.

Google have announced an upgrading tracker for their analytics web stats. http://analytics.blogspot.com/2007/12/announcing-new-graphing-tools-gajs.html  This will allow additional functionality and will pick up on new features in analytics when they become available. The most useful feature is the ability to track metrics against one another such as conversions for an ecommerce site.

Save money and help the energy crisis.

The following post is one of those blinding moments of inspiration that hits us once in a while and all I can see are benefits. Standby mode uses a constant drain of power and the older the device the more the power drain. The total cost to the average household has been reckoned to be […]

Plasma or LCD?

Choosing between a Plasma and LCD screen can be a difficult decision. We look at the pros and cons of each type of screen and help to make the decision a little easier.