I love watercress, but it is relatively expensive to buy and tends to go off fairly quickly.

In the past I’ve been put off trying to grow it because I thought it needed running water for it to thrive.¬† However, many have had success growing watercress in their garden pond.

Others have grown it in pots full of water, but the usual recommendation is that you should change the water in the pot every day or two. Too much hassle for me!

There is now a new watercress called ‘Aqua’ that doesn’t need running water or waterlogged soil.

You can sow the seed from March onwards. Sow seeds direct in a shady or semi shady place and keep moist.

To grow in pots, use a pot with a water reservoir or a saucer to keep the soil moist at all times.

Pick regularly to enjoy the young leaves when they are at their best, this also prevents premature flowering. The leaves¬† become bitter when the plant comes into flower. It’s best to cut rather than pull the stems. Don’t take more than a third of any plant at one time, this will leave it strong enough to continue growing.