Make the perfect Revolute coffee

If you like your coffee then you’ve noticed that there are many new varieties on offer at popular cafes. There is no reason why you can’t make these at home if you know how. This follows on from our Espresso shot article due to the amount of interest we have had. Australia brought us the […]

Hythe food and drink Festival

The awesome Food and drink festival is back at Hythe on the 8 to 10th July. Hythe food and drink festival 2016¬†for details of this event. Expect lots of local producers to be there along with many other national specialist food and drink suppliers in what promises to be a great day out for all […]

Making the perfect Indian curry recipe.

We all love curry – it has become the nations favourite food. We can save money by making curries at home following these simple instructions. Unlike other recepies we will not specify exact quantities we are going to discuss the style of cooking and allow plenty of room for experimentation.

Making the perfect espresso

Espresso coffee – often wrongly referred to as Expresso is a very strong black coffee that you make only from 100% Arabica Beans served in a very small cup. Espresso forms the basis of many other types of coffee such as Latte, Americano, Cappuccino etc…