Great new gadgets for gifts. Pocketsurfer2

There are some great new gadgets from Firebox – our favourite online gadget shop! A great mobile web application, a fun robot and series 3 of the moon beams.


Pocket Surfer2  just £179.95 for 20 hours a month fully mobile internet access for a whole year!

A tiny 16cm wide gadget, that allows you to surf the internet anytime anywhere. Contains a full GPRS modem, and an illuminated  QWERTY keyboard (making it a lot more user-friendly than a PDA).As the web pages are compressed download speeds are set to rival 3G and even domestic broadband lines with each page loading in under 7 seconds. This little gadget will hopefully bring down the cost of full mobile internet access which at the moment is stil prohibitively expensive.

For unlimited time online you can pay a £5.99 a month fee. (Renewal after the year will be around £40 for the 20 hours a month access plan!)


Echo Bot £6.95

Looking like a one-eyed orange alien, this fun toy is in fact a motion-sensitive recording device. Record your message or sound, place it anywhere using the suction-cup feet, and when someone walks past it will play it back! Perfect for freaking out unsuspecting passers by.


Coming Soon


Mood Beams Series 3 £9.95 are going to be big this year.

Mood beams are hugely popular light-up creatures that react to sound. Series 1 & 2 are already bestsellers, and now the new series 3 is a Firebox UK Exclusive! Available for preorder now at firebox with a stock due in date: October 29th

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