Mobile phone insurance

If you’ve ever had a mobile phone lost or stolen you know the frustrations it causes.

A lot of people find that their phone is simply not covered on their home insurance. The policy excess and loss of no claims bonus will usually far outweight the cost of replacing a phone.

In a lot of cases expensive smart phones are outside of the scope of policy cover. You may be on a contract with a “Free” phone but in reality the replacement cost of a modern smart phone can be around the £500 mark!

The sheer cost of smart phones has made them particularly attractive to thieves and muggers and are relatively simple to covert into cash.

Mobile phone insurance has until now been quite hard to come by. We are pleased to see a few insurers adding standalone mobile phone insurance. Cover can also include other gadgets. If you added up the cost of the gadgets you carry around on your person you will probably get quite a shock and it makes economic sense to get it all properly insured.

We suggest you visit them for details on this innovative area of policy cover and it will probably pay to move your gadgets off your home insurance and onto this separate policy.

Consider your PDA, Mobile phone, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet or smart phone and add in your MP3 player, pager, watch etc and the cost of replacing these items you would be daft not to take out adequate insurance cover.

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  1. I never thought about this but I do carry a large amount of valuable gadgets on me and when I checked my home insurance it wasn’t fully covered. It also worked out cheaper taking out a separate policy than it did to add the items to my home insurance.

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