Make the perfect Revolute coffee

If you like your coffee then you’ve noticed that there are many new varieties on offer at popular cafes. There is no reason why you can’t make these at home if you know how. This follows on from our Espresso shot article due to the amount of interest we have had.

Australia brought us the flat white and it has frankly taken the world by storm. A smooth creamy tasting drink with deep chocolaty coffee overtones. The flat white lacks caffeine and that essential morning kick so the Revolute is well placed to fill this gap.

Gaining popularity around the UK it has already been spotted in parts of the USA, Canada and New Zealand is the new trendy coffee.


So how do you make a Revolute at home?

You need a good high pressure espresso machine, the key is the dual shot nature of the drink. By using two types of coffee shot you create theĀ Revvivare shot.

You’ll need a 12g initial shot with a fast extraction to create a Cortissimo style sweet syrup shot. Then the second shot is 10g of coffee and has a very slow extraction.

The slow second extraction provides the caffeine hit and the sour notes which mix perfectly with the sweetness of the Cortissimo and provide a good strong shot of coffee for your morning drink.

Milk is added in a swirl style. To create the milk you need to micro foam it until it has a creamy consistency and then the trick is to flow the milk into a swirling shot to create the distinctive spiral design on the top.

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