Freshly shelled peas, crunchy fresh carrots, tomatoes straight from the plant and as sweet as strawberries….. What would you like to enjoy fresh from the garden?

You don’t need to be an expert gardener with a huge vegetable patch to enjoy the wonders of home grown veg. Many vegetables can be grown in pots in a relatively small space and there are quite a  few easy to grow vegetables.

Most vegetable gardeners start out with a couple of tomato plants (although strictly speaking tomatoes are fruits!) Buoyed up by the success of these and realising how much better tomatoes taste fresh from the plant they will then go on to try other vegetables.

It’s not just different types of vegetables that can bring delight. Different varieties of the same vegetable can taste very different. We all know that iceberg lettuce tastes different to a little gem lettuce, but what about all those other vegetables where only 1 or 2 varieties are sold in the supermarket? Just think of all the other taste delights that are out there if you grow your own vegetables. So what are you waiting for?

We’re adding articles on how to grow different vegetables as fast as we can. Check the menu on the left for articles on how to grow specific vegetables.