About D8a information and reviews

One of the first sites I launched d8a quickly became rather popular and has to date had over 2,000,000 unique visitors. In 2007 I set about a comprehensive redesign of the site keeping the original aims and direction of the site.

Our mission statement is to provide data (hence d8a) on things I find interesting which includes fast cars, Movies, DVD’s, gadgets and interesting sites around the internet that I may stumble accross. I will provide reviews of sites who have provided me with a good service and should I hear of complaints against a site I list I will consider its removal which should ensure that the sites listed here are all safe and secure.

Visitors site submissions may well be possible in the future but at the moment I am busy updating the site and transferring the content over to this new look and feel area. The previous site grew too large and quickly became a big jumble of incoherent pages which is something I intend to avoid this time around.

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