Torque Cars online magazine

With the decline of the printed magazine for cars, and many other companies and media outlets going online or digital only we see another credible car magazine with an online only presence.

The benefit of Torque cars online magazine is the sheer scope of tuning and modification advice it offers, provide quite simple to read and common sense guides.

Experts and enthusiasts from around the world get together to discuss all aspects of car tuning and modifying cars to produce the ultimate personalised car.

Why do people try to increase the cars torque? Well it’s quite simply because people want to improve on the compromises most car manufacturers make in the cars they produce. More torque means the car pulls harder and it goes faster, really what every driver wants.

There is also a visual side to car modification where the aim is produce a personalised car which offers something unique and to the taste of the owner.

The benefit of Torque Cars is that the forum provides a great backup facility to the articles and how to guides.

Exterior mods are usually applied such as wings, spoilers and bodykits. Some offer minor performance benefits in altering the aerodynamics of the car but in reality it is unlikely a road car will ever get up to these sorts of speeds where it makes a difference.

Torque cars pride themselves on offering unbiased and constantly updated advice, each of the pages and articles are carefully crafted to provide guidance to the novice and a reference for the more advance car tuners out there.

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