Energy saving tips for the home

We have asked some of our clients for their energy saving tips and wish to thank  EddieMathews plumbing in Kent for their suggestions and tips.

They are able to supply and or supply and fit respectively these energy saving measures for your home.

  • Replace old boilers with modern green combi boilers supplying hot water on demand save £85-£250 per year
  • Modern heating programme timer, set the times and durations daily to match your needs save £50-£150 per year
  • Switch off standby electrical devices such as computer accessories using a smart switch to turn these off when your computer is off save £20-80 per year
  • Service and flush your heating system to maintain efficiency save £20 per year
  • Install solar panels to cut your energy bills save £60 per year (plus you get FIT generation payments)
  • Fit underfloor heating to get the heat where you need it most save £10-£90 per year
  • Fit reflective heat panels behind radiators on external walls save £60 per year
  • Fit radiators with thermostatic valves save £75 – £155 per year
  • LED lighting or low voltage lighting save £239 per year
  • Fit or lay thicker loft insulation  save £15 to £140* per year
  • Fit efficient radiators save £30 per year
  • Insulating and lagging the main hot pipes save £10 per year
  • Insulating hot water tanks (unless you switch to a combi boiler where this won’t be needed) save £35-£135* per year
  • Integrate smart heating controls (like Hive, Nest, Tado) that adapt and learn your requirements heating your home only when you need it – save £150 per year

* Where no previous insulation exists (other figure is for a top or or more modern option.) Insulation breaks down after around 40 years so it is well worth replacing it.

Save a fortune in gas carrying out just a few of the measures recommended above.

Your heat is generally lost through the walls and roof of your home. Thick curtains, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are very simple and effective ways to cut that heat loss. If you can’t have cavity wall insulation there is a new method where insulating panels are bonded to the outside of your home and then are coated with a paint finish. It looks good and is very effective at saving heat.

Most homes have heating programmes which come on when the home is empty, the old thought of saving money by leaving it on all the time is just not effective.

Cut your thermostat temp down by just 1 degree and you’ll save £90 per year. Hot water insulation jacket will save you £30 per year. TRV’s fitted to the radiators can net a saving of almost £170 for a large household or £80 for a smaller one.

Future developments and extreme measures.

  • Heat exchanger to take heat from waste water and put it back into the boiler system
  • Using grey water to flush toilets etc…
  • Ground source heat pumps, taking heat from the ground
  • Triple glazing – even double glazing lets out lots of heat
  • Solar panels which also heat water from sunlight (this helps keep the panels cooler and more efficient as well as boosting your hot water supply.)

Focus first of all on the big savers, then as time and money permits start replacing things as they need it with lower energy or energy saving equivalents.

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