Upgrading Z906 speakers

My old Z5500 speakers were starting to play up and I’ve loved them and had them for around 15 years now. I published this page to keep my research as there was lots of bad info out there and I’m sure others are looking at similar issues to me. The common issue with the Z5500 […]

Cheapest Online DVD and Blu Ray rentals services

If money is a bit tight but you would still like to watch all of the latest DVD’s without waiting for them to hit the reduced bargain bins then DVD and Blu Ray rentals is the service for you. Often when we are asked to write a sponsored review we need to write complimentary things […]

Bourne Supremacy Review

I enjoyed the first 2 films. As I saw them in the wrong order I probably  rate them differently to most people with the 2nd being far better.  To recap the story so far.  Jason Bourne has had his identity wiped, suffering from amnesia his memory has been lost and he has flashbacks  of assasinations […]

Monsters Inc Dvd Review

Monsters inc is refreshingly original and very funny. The monsters city is powered by the screams of children collected when Monsters Inc special agents go out in to the children’s world but modern children are getting harder to scare. Children are harmful to the Monsters and the monsters are scared of the children – one […]

The transformers Movie review

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. I had played with the toys as a lad – ah those were the days. I didn’t really see how they could make a movie from a collection of toys but a movie they have made. It is a heady mix of action, adventure sci-fi […]

Shrek – dvd review

When I first saw this advertised I thought oh no not another cutesy cartoon. When I saw this film I throroughly enjoyed it. It is funny and irreverent and has lots of hilarious Gross out touches! The Shrek is an Ogre and lives in a fairytale land contentedly in his swamp. Lord Farquaad banishes all […]

Tomb Raider the movie review

Lara Croft – the ubiquitous adventurer  well known for her large    pair of ………… pistols! Fans of the game will love this movie – It’s about 80% action 30% story and 20% Dialogue – Ok so It’s not very well balanced. Region 1 cut is different from the Region 2 cut. Essential elements of […]

Bicentennial man review

Andrew is a unique machine with real emotions, a sense of humour and a burning curiosity to discover what it really means to be a human. Over the course of his service spanning two hundreds years and several generations, Andrew discovers much about the intricacy’s of life and love, and finds there are many things […]

The time machine review

Based on the original H G Wells classic novel – The Time Machine. What’s done is done or is it? Alexander Hartdegen builds a fantastic machine to undo a devestating personal tragedy by travelling through time. After a visit to the past an accident hurls the inventor into the distant future where humanity is facing […]