Buying custom golf clubs Direct from the Manufacturer

If you want to maximise your drives and improve your game of golf then you really need to think about getting a set from  Flex Golf. It cannot be underestimated the effect a tailor made golf club has on your play. Each person has a different swing, based on their height, arm length and other personal attributes.

When a set of Golf clubs have been tailor made to suit you the first thing you’ll notice is that you can drive further, and that your shots are more accurate. Professionals know too well the benefits of custom golf clubs but until now it has been quite hard for an amateur to obtain bespoke, tailor made clubs.

Now there are online stores like Flex Golf, that allow a wide range of customisation options on your golf clubs and provide the chances to up your game. The clubs would potentially be quite expensive but thanks to modular construction methods a tailor made club need cost no more than an off the shelf club.

Get ready for summer by buying your clubs out of season when the prices are lower and orders can be turned around more quickly.

Modern construction materials allow for more precise weighting, balancing and the use of carbon fibre and composite metal alloys create much lighter clubs, allowing more of your power to reach the ball.

Looking at the site you will see the wide range of clubs, and the various customisation options available to you. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t order a full set of clubs and become serious about your hobby.

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