New tracking code from Google analytics.

Google have announced an upgrading tracker for their analytics web stats.  This will allow additional functionality and will pick up on new features in analytics when they become available. The most useful feature is the ability to track metrics against one another such as conversions for an ecommerce site.

Property investment opportunities

People looking to invest money in property may well be thinking twice with the recent trends in the UK housing market which is showing signs of a slowdown. Landlords are typically the first to pull out if they feel there is going to be an appreciable loss on their portfolio.

Save money and help the energy crisis.

The following post is one of those blinding moments of inspiration that hits us once in a while and all I can see are benefits. Standby mode uses a constant drain of power and the older the device the more the power drain. The total cost to the average household has been reckoned to be […]

Travel insurance for the Over 65’s

Delta Insurance have recently had a revamp on their website. They aim to provide good quality cover for people over the age of 65. As a broker they have a wide range of policies on offer and can cover activity holidays and even accommodate medical problems and medical conditions, sometimes at normal terms.

Bourne Supremacy Review

I enjoyed the first 2 films. As I saw them in the wrong order I probably  rate them differently to most people with the 2nd being far better.  To recap the story so far.  Jason Bourne has had his identity wiped, suffering from amnesia his memory has been lost and he has flashbacks  of assasinations […]

Monsters Inc Dvd Review

Monsters inc is refreshingly original and very funny. The monsters city is powered by the screams of children collected when Monsters Inc special agents go out in to the children’s world but modern children are getting harder to scare. Children are harmful to the Monsters and the monsters are scared of the children – one […]

Plasma or LCD?

Choosing between a Plasma and LCD screen can be a difficult decision. We look at the pros and cons of each type of screen and help to make the decision a little easier.