Garden Tasks in March

Spring at last and it’s time to get out in the garden again. Sowing & Transplanting Outside: Broad beans, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, calabrese,

Uk Market traders resources

If you are a market trader in the UK and would like to have access to markets, dates, event organisers and resources then the Market Square Group is the site you’ve been looking for. The Market square group organise events around the UK from Food Fayres to Christmas markets and offer valuable opportunities to the […]

Garden Tasks in January

Now is the time to plan for success. What grew well last year? What didn’t do so well? All this will feed into the decisions you need to make now. The seed catalogues should have landed on your doormat by now, so make the most of the cold weather and do some armchair gardening. If […]

Garden Tasks in November

November is a time to sieze the moment. If it’s sunny get out in the garden and get as much as possible done, the weather can turn very quickly! It’s heartbreaking to lose tender plants by failing to bring them indoors before the first frosts.

Decoupage – the new craze sweeping the globe.

The art of Decoupage is growing in popularity with people using it to decorate their homes, furniture and smaller household objects. It is a great way to add life to old things or cover up the imperfections of age (no you can’t decoupage yourself.) The word comes from a french phrase meaning to cut paper […]

Booking self drive breaks in France

Summer time evokes memories of long holidays on sandy beaches but there is a dizzying array of travel options when it comes to getting there. We spoke to the marketing manager at to get some tips on booking self drive breaks to France. The further to the south of France you go the warmer […]

LED vs LCD Television screens.

The latest development in TV screens and monitors are LED televisions. First off lets just consider what LCD screens and how they work. A matrix of coloured lenses are backlit. Each of these little lenses or windows shows red green or blue and the lenses are made up from liquid crystal that acts as a […]

Holiday destination guides

When choosing or planning a holiday it makes sense to plan carefully and research your chosen destination. Specialist providers often provide package breaks in popular hotels and can advise on things to do at your destination. Try ShortBreakMarket for a wide range of great value package breaks. Just turning up can cause all manner of […]