Bourne Supremacy Review

I enjoyed the first 2 films. As I saw them in the wrong order I probably  rate them differently to most people with the 2nd being far better.  To recap the story so far.  Jason Bourne has had his identity wiped, suffering from amnesia his memory has been lost and he has flashbacks  of assasinations he  had carried out.    

This 3rd film answers a lot of the questions raised in the first films. Essential elements of this film include evasion of a grab squad, gripping car chase and plenty of close call situations. Its nice to see old characters back in this film and the pace of the film is such that you are completely sucked into the story from beginning to end. This is better than both of the previous films and brings the Bourne story to a satisfying ending.

When this comes out on DVD I will certainly be buying it – I’m sure I missed so many subtle plot twists like I did with the first 2 movies. They may be a fourth installment but they have wrapped up so many elements of the story we will need to develop a new character.

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