Making the perfect espresso

Espresso coffee – often wrongly referred to as Expresso is a very strong black coffee that you make only from 100% Arabica Beans served in a very small cup. Espresso forms the basis of many other types of coffee such as Latte, Americano, Cappuccino etc…

Tomb Raider the movie review

Lara Croft – the ubiquitous adventurer  well known for her large    pair of ………… pistols! Fans of the game will love this movie – It’s about 80% action 30% story and 20% Dialogue – Ok so It’s not very well balanced. Region 1 cut is different from the Region 2 cut. Essential elements of […]

Bicentennial man review

Andrew is a unique machine with real emotions, a sense of humour and a burning curiosity to discover what it really means to be a human. Over the course of his service spanning two hundreds years and several generations, Andrew discovers much about the intricacy’s of life and love, and finds there are many things […]

The time machine review

Based on the original H G Wells classic novel – The Time Machine. What’s done is done or is it? Alexander Hartdegen builds a fantastic machine to undo a devestating personal tragedy by travelling through time. After a visit to the past an accident hurls the inventor into the distant future where humanity is facing […]

Spiderman the movie

Peter Parker – a shy nerdy teenager was bitten by a genetically altered spider etc… (the original comic book was radioactive spider – but I suppose that things move on!) So is this any good – we have waited about 20 years for the movie – in the main it delivers – action romance and […]

Arty City – Review

A great site aimed at student artists. Artycity contains a number of tongue in cheek biographies and profiles of influential artists from history and provides an opportunity for undiscovered artists to get their work seen by others. There is a section containing art posters for sale and order fulfullment is from and they also […]

Eurostar Holidays Review

Train hols (formerly called are offering great value breaks to France via Eurostar and Eurotunnel. The site has been recently relaunched and now offers a wider selection of destinations and hotels. The look and feel of the site is quite funky and fresh and there are some great offers on at the moment with […]

Short Break Market – Review

Short Break Market have recently relaunched their site with a completely new look and feel. It is simple to navigate and intuitive and through negotiation with Hotels and carriers like SeaFrance, Eurostar and Eurotunnel are able to offer really competative prices. Areas covered are mainly northern  France, Belgium and Holland although with a quick phone […] Shop Review

Massive range of cheap region 2 DVDs movies and an excellent service is provided. Delivery is fast and packing ensures that the product arrives undamaged. The Amazon site analyses your selections and uses this to provide personal recommendations on your next visit. Amazon are expanding and sell almost everything you could want so is useful […]

Welcome to the new D8a news feed.

This site has been really neglected over the years. 🙁 Sadly I’ve been busy on other projects and the content of this site has become rather stale. I’m impressed that I have had over 2,045,879 unique visitors since the site launched and given  almost 4,000,000 page impressions so I feel that I owe my visitors […]