Booking self drive breaks in France

Summer time evokes memories of long holidays on sandy beaches but there is a dizzying array of travel options when it comes to getting there. We spoke to the marketing manager at to get some tips on booking self drive breaks to France. The further to the south of France you go the warmer […]

LED vs LCD Television screens.

The latest development in TV screens and monitors are LED televisions. First off lets just consider what LCD screens and how they work. A matrix of coloured lenses are backlit. Each of these little lenses or windows shows red green or blue and the lenses are made up from liquid crystal that acts as a […]

Holiday destination guides

When choosing or planning a holiday it makes sense to plan carefully and research your chosen destination. Specialist providers often provide package breaks in popular hotels and can advise on things to do at your destination. Try ShortBreakMarket for a wide range of great value package breaks. Just turning up can cause all manner of […]

Buying custom golf clubs Direct from the Manufacturer

If you want to maximise your drives and improve your game of golf then you really need to think about getting a set from  Flex Golf. It cannot be underestimated the effect a tailor made golf club has on your play. Each person has a different swing, based on their height, arm length and other personal attributes.

Mobile phone insurance

If you’ve ever had a mobile phone lost or stolen you know the frustrations it causes. A lot of people find that their phone is simply not covered on their home insurance. The policy excess and loss of no claims bonus will usually far outweight the cost of replacing a phone.

Eurostar Hotel Break destinations

We found that a Eurostar break is a great low hassle way to see the best cities and towns in Europe. The high speed train departs from Ashford or London and goes directly to Paris. A service to brussels and other popular cities is also on offer. The great thing about eurostar is that the […]

Dover Kent website

Just spotted a new website launched for a town just up the road from me. It is called about and will be a tourist information site when it is finished much like the one called about deal which is run by the same people. Dover is quite an important town on the South Kent coast. […]

Cheapest Online DVD and Blu Ray rentals services

If money is a bit tight but you would still like to watch all of the latest DVD’s without waiting for them to hit the reduced bargain bins then DVD and Blu Ray rentals is the service for you. Often when we are asked to write a sponsored review we need to write complimentary things […]

New tracking code from Google analytics.

Google have announced an upgrading tracker for their analytics web stats.  This will allow additional functionality and will pick up on new features in analytics when they become available. The most useful feature is the ability to track metrics against one another such as conversions for an ecommerce site.

Property investment opportunities

People looking to invest money in property may well be thinking twice with the recent trends in the UK housing market which is showing signs of a slowdown. Landlords are typically the first to pull out if they feel there is going to be an appreciable loss on their portfolio.