The Tourist in Deal, Kent

I happen to live in one of the most wonderful areas in the UK. The small town of Deal in Kent on the south coast just along from Dover is a charming place to discover. It is not really on the way to anywhere at all, and as a result it retains all of it’s […]

Crafts, knitting and fabric making

With winter fast approaching people are turning to crafts and hobbies. We just wanted to pick up on a few trends out there and point you towards a few sites that would be of interest to you.

Prism Security services Limited

For security services in Kent and the south east use PRISM. Prism Security Solutions Events Security Retail Security Close Protection Residential Security Discreet and reliable security personnel provided for discreet or high profile protection in all situations. They are based in Kent and cover the whole of the South East of the UK.

Joiners and Builders in Sandwich Kent

We were recently commissioned to build a new site for Sandwich Joinery and Building. A modern craftsman focussed business required a site that looked modern and clean and was able to showcase the work our client does. Sandwich Joinery and Building

Facebook marketing for wedding venues.

The most visited site in the world is open to advertisers and businesses. If you know what you are doing you can really promote your brand and pick up business. A good example of a company using Facebook well is Cooling Castle Barn, see the facebook page at They have added a really handy wedding […]

Choosing a courier and parcel delivery service in Cornwall.

When choosing a good courier service there is a large selection to choose from. Do you go with a national carrier or use a local service? We tend to find that the smaller independents offer a more personalised service, focussing on pleasing the customer. If you have an unusual package or need a large consignment […]

OAP Travel insurance difficulties

When you get over the age of 60 it becomes quite hard to source travel insurance. The older you get the fewer policies you will be eligible for. Sadly some travel insurers see older people as a health risk and more so particularly if they have medical conditions. Instead of looking at people as individuals these […]

Planning tips for Wedding venues in Kent

Well it seems that wedding season is here again, and most of my friends are busy getting married! I wonder if this is a spring thing or it’s just one of those things. Having done the wedding planning thing myself many many years ago I’m glad I’m over it. There seems to be an ever […]

Uk Market traders resources

If you are a market trader in the UK and would like to have access to markets, dates, event organisers and resources then the Market Square Group is the site you’ve been looking for. The Market square group organise events around the UK from Food Fayres to Christmas markets and offer valuable opportunities to the […]

Decoupage – the new craze sweeping the globe.

The art of Decoupage is growing in popularity with people using it to decorate their homes, furniture and smaller household objects. It is a great way to add life to old things or cover up the imperfections of age (no you can’t decoupage yourself.) The word comes from a french phrase meaning to cut paper […]