Spiderman the movie

Peter Parker – a shy nerdy teenager was bitten by a genetically altered spider etc… (the original comic book was radioactive spider – but I suppose that things move on!)

So is this any good – we have waited about 20 years for the movie – in the main it delivers – action romance and humour. The clever but not totally convincing computer animation this movie brings spiderman to life as he swings between buildings.

He is a little darker on the screen (mood not colour!!!) than in the original cartoon series and the story is well paced and amusing as he comes to terms with his remarkable new powers!

Spiderman faces the Green Goblin his long time arch enemy.

This is a definite addition to any ones movie collection. Fans of the original will not be disappointed although there is a strong scene that may not be suitable for younger members of the family hence its 12a rating.

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