Garden Tasks in June

June is a busy but enjoyable month for growing fruit and veg. Here are some of the jobs you’ll need to think about this month:

Pest Control

Keep up with the slug and snail control.  If you are using slug nematodes make sure you reapply them every 6 weeks for maximum protection.

Make sure you’ve got your Codling Moth Traps in place for your apple and pear trees.

Keep birds off ripening fruit with colourful windmills, streamers and even old CDs strung from string to sparkle in sunlight.

Protect cabbages and other brassicas from the dreaded cabbage white butterfly by covering them with mesh.

Use mesh to protect carrots from carrot root fly.

Sowing Now

Seeds Suitable to Sow Outside: Basil, French beans, runner beans, coriander, courgette, lettuce, radish, salad leaves, spinach, Swiss chard, sweetcorn, turnip.

In The Greenhouse

As the weather heats up make sure you can keep the greenhouse well ventilated. Add shading if necessary and damp down the greenhouse floor to keep the air humid and reduce the problem of red spider mites.

Other Jobs

Harden off tender plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers so they will be ready for planting out at the middle to end of the month when hopefully we’ve seen the last of the frost.

Pinch out the side shoots on cordon grown tomatoes.

Provide support and tie plants in to canes as they grow.

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