Garden Tasks in January

Now is the time to plan for success.

What grew well last year? What didn’t do so well? All this will feed into the decisions you need to make now. The seed catalogues should have landed on your doormat by now, so make the most of the cold weather and do some armchair gardening.

If a particular crop suffered from disease last year then take a look through the seed catalogues and see of there is a disease resistant variety.

There are also some more active jobs you can tackle:

  • Finish pruning grape vines
  • Prune apples trees and pear trees
  • Apply fertilizer to fruit trees
  • Sowing onion seed under glass
  • In late January, chit early crop potatoes (i.e get them to sprout before planting) by standing your seed potatoes in a cool bright place.
  • Check grease bands on fruit trees are still in good condition, replacing them as necessary.
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