Garden Tasks in December

The weather may not be great for gardening, but take advantage of the time to plan your crops for next year.

Pest & Disease Control

Use an organic winter tree wash on your fruit trees to kill over wintering pests. If you’ve not done it yet check your apple trees for apple canker. It causes patches of dead bark and sunken or distorted areas. It is a spreading fungal disease, so cut out any affected wood.

In The Greenhouse

Reduce watering during the winter. Over watering in the colder months promotes fungal diseases. Open up the greenhouse on warmer days to help dry it out.

Make sure the greenhouse is well insulated and frost protection heaters are in working order.


This is a highlight of an other wise gloomy month in the garden.

Cauliflowers, winter cabbages, leeks, spinach and Swiss Chard can all be harvested as they mature. Don’t forget that brussel sprouts taste better after the first frosts. Potatoes, carrots and beetroot will also need to be harvested before the heavy frosts. Store in a cool dry place.

Other Jobs

Plant up bare root fruit trees / bushes as soon as possible after arrival as long as the ground isn’t frozen.

Divide and replant congested rhubarb clumps.

Prune apples, pears. Prune grape vines before the end of the month.

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