Garden Tasks in November

November is a time to sieze the moment. If it’s sunny get out in the garden and get as much as possible done, the weather can turn very quickly! It’s heartbreaking to lose tender plants by failing to bring them indoors before the first frosts.

Pest & Disease Control

Ckeck your apple trees for apple canker. It causes patches of dead bark and sunken or distorted areas. It is a fungal disease that will spread. Cut out any affected wood.

In The Greenhouse

Go easy on the watering. Over watering in the colder months encourages fungal diseases.

Make sure the greenhouse is insulated and frost protection heaters are in working order.

Harvesting Before the Frost

This is a lovely job, seeing the results of all your hard work, and eating it too!

Cauliflowers, winter cabbages, leeks, spinach and Swiss Chard can all be harvested as they mature. Potatoes, carrots and beetroot also need to be dug up before the heavy frosts start. Store in a cool dry place.

Other Jobs

Plant bare root fruit trees and bushes  as soon as possible after arrival.

Plant garlic.

Prune apples, pears. Prune grape vines once the leaves have fallen.

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