Welcome to the new D8a news feed.

This site has been really neglected over the years. ūüôĀ Sadly I’ve been busy on other projects and the content of this site has become rather stale. I’m impressed that I have had over 2,045,879 unique visitors since the site launched and given ¬†almost 4,000,000 page impressions so I feel that I owe my visitors at least a fresh update of the site.

It really is time to kick things off again.  The site was  devised  to provide information, price comparisons and DVD reviews. This is something it  will continue to provide and I  am hoping to add to the content on a regular basis. I will include any items that I feel are interesting, special offers and I will throw in a  feature site now and then if it has something  special to offer.

The big initial job is transferring much of the original content to this new site and indexing it correctly.

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