The Tourist in Deal, Kent

I happen to live in one of the most wonderful areas in the UK. The small town of Deal in Kent on the south coast just along from Dover is a charming place to discover.

It is not really on the way to anywhere at all, and as a result it retains all of it’s seaside charms and has not been tainted by large national chains filling the high street.

It has won numerous awards, best beach, best high street, and pier of the year. Visitors come again and again once they have discovered this charming little town.

There is no shortage of pubs, restaurants, takeaways and coffee shops to choose from. There are many tourist attractions, how many towns can boast 3 castles (or more accurately 2 castles and 1 ruin), a working Timeball, a quarter mile long pier and a couple of museums.

To find out more about Deal in Kent please use this link.

We thought we would share some photographs  to give you a flavour of this lovely little seaside town.

Pictures were taken by Entrypoint photography.

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