Uk Market traders resources

If you are a market trader in the UK and would like to have access to markets, dates, event organisers and resources then the Market Square Group is the site you’ve been looking for.

The Market square group organise events around the UK from Food Fayres to Christmas markets and offer valuable opportunities to the market trader.

The World Village Market is a unique street market with a festival feel!
Market Square Group organises Food and Drink festivals up and down the country.
It is the Market Square Group’s pleasure to introduce to you – The Medieval Market.
London is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world and the streets are alive with vibrant, colourful markets and festivals that contain a wealth of cultural diversity.
The Big E.A.T brings together a unique range of traders and products providing a truly original themed event for town and city centres.
Experience a Dickensian victorian style market courtesy of the Market Square Group.
Market Square Group can cater for one day events for town lights switch on to City Centre Events that may run over several weeks.
Working with Town Centre Managers and City Events Teams Market Square Group provide themed markets to suit the style and content of urban centre celebrations.
Using a live event database,  Market Square Group can promote such events to the very best traders in their product area to assemble stalls of high quality and great character.
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