Ypres guide

The town of Ypres (also known by its Flemish name Ieper) – is an ancient town steeped in vibrant history and only 40 miles inland from the Belgian coast.

Ypres was the hub of many important trade routes, roads, rivers and canals, leading to the Netherlands, France and to the English Channel. Consequently Ypres grew into an important market place for the region.

Later in it’s history the defensive fortifications were extensively developed and the city was turned into a fortress. The oldest part of the ramparts are still visible near the Lille Gate which dates from 1385 and are well worth a visit.

Much later from 1914-1918 the city became the focus of conflict between the Imperial German Armies and the Allied Armies of Belgium, France and Great Britain. After the Armistice and the end of the fighting the local population began to return to their homes and businesses from places of refuge in neighboring parts of Flanders or France.

Today, decades after the end of the First World War visitors to Ypres are amazed by the way the medieval city has been reconstructed. There are a number of good quality hotels to stay at in this location and explore the rich fabric of this amazingly robust city.

A pretty medieval city reduced to rubble during WW1, which has been faithfully rebuilt during the last century. Ypres retains its history and splendour of old – each evening you will be reminded of its past by the sounding of the last post played at 8:00 pm before the Menin gate since 1928.

That being said, Ypres is not just about its history, these days you will find a vibrant, lively city with a warm pleasant atmosphere, plenty of good eating houses and things to do, and some excellent value hotels. We are very pleased to offer an extensive selection of hotels here with the 4* Hotel Ariane and the 3* Novotel Ypres perhaps topping the bill on quality.

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