Ostend Guide

Ostend has always been called ‘The Queen’ of the Belgian seaside resorts, and you’ll find many and varied enjoyable attractions worth exploring.

Within the Yacht Harbor there is the Mercator Ship, a floating museum, decked out as if it were ready to sail and open for visiting all year round.

Outside Ostend, along the beach between Ostend and Middelkerke is the ‘Raversijde Domain’, which has become a very valuable natural reserve and many hours of enjoyable scenic walks are to be had here.

Another attraction is the ‘Atlantikwall’ – an impressive complex of tunnels and bunkers built by the German troops in both the First and the Second World War and well worth a visit. ‘Fort Napoleon’ in Ostend is the only completely intact Napoleonic fortress left in Europe and stands in the dunes north of the city centre.

Ostend has a number of worthwhile museums such as the The James Ensor House, where this artist spent most of his productive years.

The Provincial Museum of Modern Art is designated as one of the most important Museums in Belgium – providing an exquisite overview of Belgian Arts more recent history.

Ostend has certainly retained its old-world charm in the preservation of its ancient buildings and historical traditions and you can be assured of an enjoyable visit here.

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