Crafts, knitting and fabric making

With winter fast approaching people are turning to crafts and hobbies. We just wanted to pick up on a few trends out there and point you towards a few sites that would be of interest to you.

Crochet seems to be gaining popularity, it’s always been there in the background but a lot of younger people are picking up on the craze. Many are making interesting dolls and unusual designs, rather than the traditional baby clothes option. There are many techniques out there with some crochet styles producing a fabric appearance closer to a weave. See Crochet Brain for details.

Fabric suppliers are seeing an upswing in demand, we spoke to Paul, Owner of Daisy Buds to ask him about this. Most people are crafters making bags, book covers and childrens storage/play things. There are still many people out there making dresses and using the fabrics to decorate their homes. Table decorations is a growth area, with people only limited by their imagination in what they can do. Daisy buds stock a large selection of quality fashionable fabrics in bright colours. Cotton and Poly cotton are in demand this year.

Knitting is also taking off. People are not using it as a way to save money, the yarns and time taken make the typical knitting project quite expensive. It is a great way to create your own look, choosing your yarn and modifying the pattern to create a unique garment. Knitting brain offer a wide range of tips and pointers on all things knitting related. We’ll put up a full review of their site soon, we understand there are some interesting new features coming soon along with a new free pattern.

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