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For security services in Kent and the south east use PRISM.

Prism Security Solutions

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Discreet and reliable security personnel provided for discreet or high profile protection in all situations.

They are based in Kent and cover the whole of the South East of the UK.

When looking for security solutions there are many different options to choose from. The right to security of the person is guaranteed in human rights bills around the world for example by Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this article, it is combined with the right to life and liberty. In full, the article reads, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” People will often choose to make their own security arrangements.

A bodyguard (or close protection officers a type of security operative or government agent who protects a person or persons — usually a company boss, VIP, wealthy, or politically important figure(s) — from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, homicide, harassment.

A bodyguard is categorised as a driver-bodyguard, a close-protection officer (who escorts the client), or part of an ancillary unit that provides support such as IED detection, electronic “bug” detection, counter-sniper monitoring, pre-searches facilities, and background-checks people who will have contact with the client. Second, the role of a bodyguard depends on the level of risk that the client faces. This will also generally include defensive driving skills The driver should be trained in evasive driving techniques. Many security firms practice the “detect, deter, observe and report” methodology. Security officers are not required to make arrests, but they will have the authority to make a citizen’s arrest.

Bodyguards often have backgrounds in the armed forces, police or security services. Bodyguards often have training in specific tasks, such as providing a protective escort, crowd screening and control, or searching for explosives or electronic surveillance devices.

Just as with the police profession, training requirements for the private security industry have evolved over time. For many years security guards were poorly chosen and poorly trained (if at all), partly because security guard companies who contracted with clients in private industry were paid very little for their security guard services.

Prism Security Solutions offer a wide range of security services and provide high profile or discreet protection for individuals or event planners. Call them to discuss your needs for good security solutions.

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