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How to book a cheap trouble free break by Eurotunnel

We will look at how to get to France from the UK without using flights. There are a surprising number of options out there and we pick out Eurotunnel as the primary source of travel but we also look at the other options and the importance of choosing a good tour operator.

Rail travel is less likely to be affected by adverse weather conditions – if you live in Kent then rail travel to France is a no brainer really.

The volcanic ASH issue from Iceland managed to ground flights around Europe causing travel chaos. To avoid a potential repeat of this chaos some travelers are looking for alternative means of travel and taking holidays closer to home.

Companies and tour operators like Delpech Travel Promotions Limited are well positioned to provide an alternative means of travel to holiday makers from the UK. Routes to France from the UK include a short ferry journey, a quick Eurotunnel crossing or Eurostar.

Compare the options of Travelling to France.
So what are the main options of travel to France and what differences are there.
Eurotunnel provides transportation for your car, you will sit in the compartment with your car for the duration of the journey and have the freedom to explore France at your convenience.

Eurostar provides a luxury rail travel option to foot passengers to France’s main cities and town. With the excellent Rail infrastructure in France it is quite easy to get around. Ferry travel gives the option of travel for foot passengers or drivers wishing to take their car. There are quite a few facilities on board the ferry with various amusements, shopping areas and generally a wide selection of restaurants.
Avoiding the problems and issues of cancellations.

So how can you guarantee great prices and a trouble free break? The cheapest deals come from sourcing a hotel and travel deal separately online, but these can be a major headache should either the hotel or travel booking get cancelled.

Sometimes hotels are overbooked, strikes can also mean delays in travel or cancelled travel and it is really hard getting refunds from all parties in this situation. However using a tour operator with a trust fund gives a degree of protection. In difficult situations they will advise and provide alternatives without you having to worry about phoning round yourself.

Prices are actually pretty competitive, as the larger tour operators bulk buying of travel and room allocations mean discounts and in times of trouble extra leverage over the transport and hotel aspects of the booking.
Choosing a Eurotunnel tour operator
Check that your tour operator hand pick only hotels that meet the highest standards rather than using a site that lists every hotel in every destination. Eurotunnel Breaks are highly recommended by for travelers that like taking a short break with their cars. It takes just a 35 minute crossing time with fast loading and unloading time.

The bonus of going by Eurotunnel is that you can take your car with you. This frees you up and lets you explore France at your own pace.

Your break, will be enjoyable if you plan in advance, get yourself an itinerary and find out what is going on in the area near to where you are staying so you can book tickets in advance and really maximize your break.

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Eurotunnel Holidays
Great value breaks to popular destinations via Eurotunel, eurostar and Ferry companies from a package break tour operator who is one of the leading Eurotunnel short break specialists in the UK.

Companies like Trainhols are happy to deal with groups and corporate travel arrangements and group bookings can result in extra discounts. They have number of hotels and destinations that are not featured in their official website.

Better prices can be negotiated for larger groups but you really must book well in advance to avoid disappointment.
Company profile
Trainhols features holidays from well established travel companies, and they get the best rates for their customers without compromising on the quality of the services offered. This company works in conjunction with Eurostar to arrange for holidays. For more information on all featured hotels and on how to book for Eurotunnel breaks, visit Trainhols.

They offer package breaks so pass on their bulk purchasing discounts to end users. All the hotels are hand picked for quality and service and they can put together bespoke packages for you.

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