Holiday destination guides

When choosing or planning a holiday it makes sense to plan carefully and research your chosen destination.

Specialist providers often provide package breaks in popular hotels and can advise on things to do at your destination. Try ShortBreakMarket for a wide range of great value package breaks.

Just turning up can cause all manner of problems and difficulties when you find that your hotel is miles away from the attractions. It could be even worse if you like city life and end up in the middle of nowhere or conversely if you wanted a quiet country break and found yourself in the center of a bustling metropolis!

We also recommend you take out holiday insurance.

Policy costs vary depending on your destination and departure point for example if you live in the UK then going to Europe mans your travel insurance is cheaper than it would be if you were travelling to the US or Canada. If you are based in the USA then cover will be cheaper for nearby states and cost more if you venture over to Europe (we strongly recommend you visit Europe as there are some stunning places to see and they are steeped in history.)

The longer you stay the greater the risk of illness so this can also add to the cost of your policy. Choosing a flexible insurer that is flexible is half the battle and when you find a broker, adviser or insurer you can really talk to makes all the difference and really helps make taking out insurance a lot easier.

Disclosable medical conditions

Medical conditions that require disclosure are outlined below.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • Cancers & Tumors
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke history
  • Kidney and Lung disease
  • Heart attack
  • Angina
  • Transplant patients

Any failure to tell insurers about these and any other condition could invalidate your policy and leave you without cover. We strongly recommend you discuss your full medical history with your policy provider and get the approval of your doctor to travel.

Some insurers may offer terms ranging from a higher excess on medical costs claimed to an exclusion of a pre existing condition flaring up. The more confident they are that you wont claim or need to then the lower the premium and fewer the restrictions in your policy.The risk is yours to take as you decide which option you want to go for but do check you have all the options before you decide.We strongly advise that you don’t use companies selling travel insurance along with holidays or as a sideline, you are better off seeing a proper specialist who can negotiate a personalized rate with you. One company in the UK we have found to offer this personalized service is Delta Insurance based in Deal. They are quite friendly and conduct all their business over the phone or in person and do not operate a busy call center.If you have any recent fractures or things you are pretty much recovered from we still suggest that you mention these to cover yourself in the event of a claim. If in doubt get a note from your doctor who can recommend that you are fit to travel and put the insurance companies mind at ease.

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