Facebook marketing for wedding venues.

The most visited site in the world is open to advertisers and businesses.

If you know what you are doing you can really promote your brand and pick up business. A good example of a company using Facebook well is Cooling Castle Barn, see the facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/CoolingCastleBarn They have added a really handy wedding planner and other useful features which will keep people coming back.

Other additions include a map and photo gallery, all handy features for someone looking to book a wedding.

Any unsold space or cancellation spaces that crop up can be advertised to the eager facebook followers and this translates into business.

Our tips for Facebook marketing.

  • Know your audience and offer useful content that will interest them and keep them engaged.
  • Don’t spam people with pointless updates or trivial information.
  • Know your brand and ensure all your posts follow your corporate brand and image.
  • Paid advertising should be very carefully targeted. Use geo, age and interest based options and the relationship status targeting is a great way to hit people most likely to engage with your product.
  • Post pictures that work well as small thumbnails, large detailed pictures can look really bitty and lose impact when scaled down.
  • Try to make people smile or laugh – everyone has a sense of humor.
  • Encourage people to share your posts with their friends and contacts – if things go viral it can work really well for you.

I’ve seen some sites go from a standing start to getting over 15,000 followers in just a few weeks with the right marketing plan. Success breeds success so a half hearted effort is a waste of time. The more followers you have the greater the impact will be so throw in some serious time and investment and you’ll have a great google free marketing tool at your disposal.

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