Planning tips for Wedding venues in Kent

Well it seems that wedding season is here again, and most of my friends are busy getting married! I wonder if this is a spring thing or it’s just one of those things.

Having done the wedding planning thing myself many many years ago I’m glad I’m over it. There seems to be an ever increasing number of things to worry about and choices to be made.

If only there was a wedding service that did all the choosing for you. Well that’s from the blokes perspective, for the Bride the wedding is the most important day of her life so the thought of delegating the major decisions fills her with horror.

We would recommend getting a book on wedding planning as this can help to ensure you haven’t missed off any important decisions or considerations before the big day.

1) Wedding venues (Ceremony and Reception) You might also have an evening venue for a formal reception which follows a more informal lunch time nibbles.
2) The wedding dress, grooms outfit and rings all need to be sourced.
3) Choose a best man, bridesmaids and maid of honour etc…
4) Guest lists and invitations need to be sent out.
5) Meal & refreshments need to be organised (most wedding venues will advise you on this)
6) Table/Seating plans
7) Order of service, music and speeches need to be planned.
8) Don’t forget gifts to thank the major supporters of the wedding, Mums best man etc…

If you live in Kent there are some very stunning wedding venues to choose from. It is a very pretty county and the countryside offers many excellent photo opportunities. We were particularly impressed by what Cooling Castle Barn has to offer. The wedding venue is located in North Kent in stunning countryside.

There are some other wedding venues in Kent worthy of consideration but a lot depends on your location. If guests have to travel a distance they will need some on site or nearby accommodation.

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